Counting , Unscrambling , Align of bulk products

Sortare can help you with your automation of bulk products. You can think about counting, unscrambling and/or alignment of bulk products Pouches, Frozen Hamburgers, Springrolls etc.



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Unscrambling and alignment of products

Sortare specializes in the unscrambling and / or alignment of various products. We use specially developed vibratory drives and shaping of the vibrating


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High speed counting

Sometimes weighers are just not accurate enough to be sure! Then you need to count. For example if the individual product weight varies or if you have


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Ronald Stokkentreef

Ronald Stokkentreef

Owner/managing director

About Us

Sortare is a specialist in the manufacture of machines, equipment and tools for specific purposes. We help you with the automation of bulk products. You can think of counting, unscrambling and / or aligning bags, frozen hamburgers, sandwiches, etc.




Unscrambling frozen hamburgers
Enter biscuits in the pillow packer
Separating and aligning sausages and picking up with robot
Separate plastic bags


What our customers say about us

Mr. Stokkentreef supplied various counting machines for a project in our company and integrated them together with us into our machine line. This way we were able to successfully build a stable process. The assigned tasks were carried out by Sortare with great care and to our full satisfaction.

I got to know Mr. Stokkentreef and his employees during our cooperation as extremely reliable, competent, and dedicated persons and appreciate them for the same.

In addition to their technical expertise, I have also found the company Sortare to be very helpful with any of our problems.

For these reasons, I consider the company to be qualified and would like to recommend Sortare to potential clients without any reservations.

For packaging of assorted mixes of mini snacks, multiple type in one box we were facing a dilemma; shall we go for counting or for weighing.  Our products have a weight of approximately 20 grams, a deviation of one gram or more can result in a difference of number in a box. Given the fact that the snacks arrive randomly, not in one line, it is necessary to form them in such a way that they can be counted.

In the past I had already been in contact with Ronald Stokkentreef. We got in touch with the purchase of a separator vibrating machine. Snacks that came randomly from a freezer were nicely aligned by vibrating technique. I decided to approach Ronald again. Sortare offered the possibility to count and drop our mix of four types of products in a Multivac tray. We started this project together. The result is four beautiful machines supplying the counting heads “washdown” complete with receiving hoppers, feed track and separator. The counting heads are simple and easy to operate. After which the portion falls into a dispensing mask and it unloads when the tray is presented. A great solution.

It goes without saying that we bought two more machines when we were building a Retail line. The Retail boxes which have to be filled in numbers, because the numbers are stated on the packaging, require the same technique. After these two counting machines have been successfully placed, we already have two more on order. Marketing never stops and customer demand for a mix of four varieties in a box made us order two extra counting machines without any doubt. The trust in Sortare, the machines and Ronald’s commitment and employees, who were involved from the start until the machines were put into use, make this a success. With the “can do” mentality that we have, the cooperation which we experience with Sortare fits perfectly.

Being a very satisfied customer of Sortare I can attest of a good relationship with hopefully many years to follow.